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Our Services

As our name implies, we specialize in basement construction; however, we deliver a wide variety of concrete construction services for both residential and commercial applications.
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    We've been fortunate to collaborate on a wide variety of construction projects, whether residential or commercial. If you're thinking about building a basement home, we've probably seen a plan that will fit your lifestyle or adapt best to the grade of your property. If you're thinking about insulated concrete walls for a slab foundation house or adding a concrete safe room or adding a concrete deck or adding a concrete staircase or adding a retaining wall or adding a fireplace surround, we can share our ideas and examples of our previous work.
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    We have a licensed profession engineer on staff to ensure that our designs will stand the test of time. For basement projects, we'll take your house plan and develop a footing and foundation plan that is structurally sound.
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    Plan Layout
    We use a computerized system for plotting the layout of the footing and foundation plan for our concrete projects. We offer this service for slab foundation construction as well. The advantages are pinpoint accuracy and we can perform this in a fraction of the time using traditional methods.
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    We perform our own excavation and backfilling allowing us to be more responsive and less expensive.
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    We staff our own crews to build the concrete projects for our customers. As part of our contribution to "green" building practices, we employ reusable aluminum wall forms.